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Application for fandom_smash
.misc | sneaky
~*About You*~

Name: Kathryn
Age: 24
Email: lordofthefries (at) wwdb (dot) org
IM/Personal Journal: spoofmaster
AIM: thspoofmaster
Unscreen: Sure.

~*Your Character*~

Name: "Handy" (Technically, he doesn't have a name - he's a duplicate of the Doctor, and will go by "Doctor" if he has any say in it)
Canon: Doctor Who
Canon Point: A few hours after his creation, while waiting on the beach with the Tylers for their zeppelin.

Series Info:
Where to start? Doctor Who has a very helpful wiki, which is good because it is truly a massive and convoluted canon (Handy's entry can be found here). The show originally started in 1969, and I do my best to incorporate character information from that entire run and all its peripherals (as Handy is a duplicate of the protagonist and has all his memories), but most of the information immediately concerning him comes from the television series itself from 2006 to 2008, as that's the period from when the Doctor regenerated into his tenth form (the form of which Handy's body is a duplicate) to when Handy was created.

Handy is an amalgam of two characters, the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble. He was formed when Donna touched a severed hand that had belonged to the Doctor, which was at the time super-charged with regenerative energy, triggering a meta-crisis. He is the first (and presumably last) of his kind, as human-Time Lord meta-crises were previously believed to be impossible. Handy has all the memories that the Doctor had at the time he transferred the energy to the hand, including growing up on Gallifrey, the Time War, and all of the Doctor's adventures in the TARDIS. He also has a few memories transplanted from Donna's mind that crop up now and then and cause some cognitive dissonance, as she is a temp from Chiswick and her memories do not exactly mesh with what he knows of himself from the Doctor's mind.

Once the crisis during which he was created was resolved (in part due to Handy committing genocide against the Daleks despite the Doctor's disapproval), the Doctor left Handy with Rose Tyler in the alternate universe usually referred to as "Pete's World," where he was intended to live out the rest of his human life span.


Handy is tall but thin, with a disproportionately long torso and an asymmetrical (but friendly) face.

While Handy bears many similarities to the tenth Doctor (a charismatic, highly intelligent man alien with the gift of gab and a tendency toward manic behavior) in both appearance and personality, he also inherited aspects of Donna Noble's personality, leaving him somewhat more brash and smart-mouthed. He is also quicker to anger than the Doctor, and more likely to be petty about perceived slights. Though he will not admit it to anyone, least of all himself, both Donna's low self-esteem and the general circumstances surrounding his creation and subsequent placement with Rose in the alternate universe have left him with deep-seated insecurities about his place in the world.
Like the Doctor, Handy is equal parts thrill-seeker and champion for justice (though he occasionally does more harm than good). Also like the Doctor, however, he has a tendency toward arrogance on account of his superior intellect (when he's not worrying over how much less superior it might be now that it's housed in a human brain).

Handy is highly intelligent and adept at creating and manipulating many forms of technology. His comprehension of temporal physics is exemplary (though perhaps not compared to a more academically accomplished Time Lord), though he has not retained the Doctor's ability to sense Time directly.

~*Writing Sample*~

First Person:
[An awkward silence has set in since the TARDIS disappeared from the beach. Rose isn't quite looking at him - or at least, she'll only look at him properly when she thinks he's not looking at her. He's sure she doesn't want him to catch the speculative glances, the almost involuntary need to look him over and decide to herself how he measures up to the man who's just left her behind yet again. Jackie's too busy phoning for a zeppelin to come fetch them to pay either much mind.

He isn't quite sure he made the right decision in allowing the Doctor to strand him and Rose here together. He understands why - their lifespans will match up, if nothing else - but he can't help but think that he's been given away as a consolation prize. It was jarring, too, to watch the Doctor fly away with his TARDIS - only to recall, as it disappeared from his life forever, that it wasn't
his ship at all, just as Donna wasn't his companion. Nothing is his. Nearly a thousand years of memories sit in the back of his mind, but none of it is actually his own.

Handy turns to Rose, opening his mouth to speak to her if only to stop her surreptitiously looking him up and down for a moment. His mouth opens wider a moment later, in surprise this time, as the world has suddenly changed around him in the time it took for him to blink and turn. Spinning on his heel, he gazes about in stupefaction - yes, he was having second thoughts about being where he was, but that didn't mean he wanted to get swept up and sent somewhere else without warning!

Rose? Jackie?

[He doesn't see them anywhere. Right. Either they've been put down somewhere else, or he's here on his own...wherever here is.]

Handy and Märet's FV thread list
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(no subject)
.worried | wibble face
Verse: Playing this by ear; Handy and Rose are together in Pete's World
Who: bluesuit_handy and lone_defender
What: Handy has been facing depression since the shine wore off his new life with the Tylers. Recently, Rose tried introducing an element of bondage and domination/submission to their sex life in an attempt to break through to him. Handy wasn't entirely sure about it at the time, but now he's found himself wanting to try it again.

Probably some sexually explicit stuff to comeCollapse )

Handy's sixwordstories log
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SWS: Special Victi--I mean, Special Delayed Edition
.misc | sneaky

[Trips over his own feet, falls.]

Naughty, naughty, naughty...
very nice

I love a good Christmas. [grins]

[picked the lock to your office...]

Oh come on! That's not a...

He looks like that Aladdin monkey.

*watching snow*
I hate this planet.

[He sneers.]
Doctor, where's your TARDIS?

(no subject)
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fractured!verse plot (meta-meta)Collapse )

SWS: Blackmail/Bribery Edition
.misc | sneaky
Rather a mess to clean up.

[Nursing a cut on his face.]

[Attempting to flee London by train.]

SWS: Super Belated Edition!
.misc | sneaky
[Annoyed.] I meant to do that.

I told you to stay still!

[In the process of being arrested.]

I told you, I'm perfectly fine!

I don't need your help anyway!

Stealth mode! [Hides behind a bush.]

Don't mind him. He's just...watching.

Alright! Who would like a cookie?

Wibbly wobbly stuff, it makes sense.

Akin to keeping an ant farm.

[Breaking and entering for a case.]

In layman's terms, they're all idiots.

Welcome onboard the Lexx. I'm Xev.

Oh for crying out loud....

[At a movie; eating abandoned popcorn.]

[Mystery popcorn gave him food poisoning.]

I was right--you are tasty!

Minor torture makes a happy Master.

is staring at a severed hand

Hey, SWS!
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*fiddling with something on his computer*

Homeless shelter kicked me out again.

*locked in a room with you*

[Smile! He's taking your picture now.]

[Running, loud alarms sounding behind him.]

A suggestion: don't leave the country.

"I'm blind" doesn't mean "I'm helpless."

Too many of us wanderin' around.

Oh, you're in for it now.

is running down the street. Stop!

is holding some mistletoe. Free kisses!

*Handing out candy.* Welcome, young ones.